User Guide
Hillstone Finance is a decentralized financial platform developed by Hillstone Finance.
You can access to Hillstone Finance Beta version in
This document is an instruction for using Hillstone Finance.


Login Page
Users will see this screen when they first opens Hillstone Finance.
If you have an account and password, you can log in. Otherwise, you can sign in for a new account.

Home (List)

Product List Page
The homepage after successful login. It shows a list of ongoing staking. Users can explore other staking products and finalized products.
Users can look for more details on staking lists by scrolling up, and click on Invest button to proceed to Pool page.


In this page, users can see maximum staking available, monthly interest, target period of selected product. They can also request for direct staking.
Type in the staking amount you wish to stake in the input box labeled “ETH Amount”, and click on Invest button to initiate staking request.
A pop-up window will be shown after specifying the amount of ETH and clicking on Invest button
After the initiation of staking request, you have to input the staking amount in the pop-up window. The wallet address will be automatically copied to your clip so that you can paste the wallet address instantly when you trade on other staking.
A screen showing the staking procedure

My Account

My staking information and currently stakeed products
Click on the ACCOUNT button on the top navigation panel to check out for staking information.
It shows the total staking amount, actual profit after deadline, and disposable amount in each project.
Users can check their disposable amount and withdraw their asset in the middle of the project. While users receive USDT for profit realized after deadline, they receive HSF in case of disposal. Input the amount you want to withdraw and your wallet address, then click on Withdraw button to request for withdrawal.
A pop-up window will appear after typing the withdrawal amount and the wallet address
After the successful withdrawal request
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