2020 Q2 Hillstone Finance project approval IAP protocol Design architecture and consensus
2020 Q3 IAP contract is completed, and entered the testing and improvement phase The project was officially named Hillstone Finance Held a brand-launching conference
2020 Q4 Release Hillstone Finance white paper Launch Hillstone Finance Partnership Plan
2021 Q1 Investors (Hillstone Finance platform) APP/Web’s client-end enters the development stage Global layout and in-depth establishment of branches in Hong Kong and New York
2021 Q2 Investors APP/Web client-end is fully launched Start to provide professional financial services to global high-net-worth clients

2021 Q3

Open Hillstone Finance community, a communication channel for users

HSF token Listing

2021 Q4 Launch blockchain project based on HSF token fundraising contract Expansion of Hillstone Finance’s strategic partners
2022 Q1 Open diversified, multi-currency investment portfolio Provide the most convenient financing entrance for enterprises with capital needs
2022 Q2 Become a global CeFi platform Continuous upgrade on platform, product, and scale
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