Hillstone Partners

Hillstone Partners is a company composed of employees from Korea M&A—the first professional M&A company in Korea. Hillstone Partners’ team member consists of Investment experts with more than 10 years of experience from financial institutions such as Samsung Asset Management, Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Mirae Asset, Dashin Securities, KTB, etc.. Hillstone has a professional network especially in IT and clean tech, and Hillstone’s PE fund portfolio is established in South Korea, China, Japan, and etc. We aim to establish a fund and a platform to support other PE Funds and portfolios.


1995 Korea M&A, the first domestic M&A professional company, was established by the current KTB chairman Kwon Sungmoon. 1997 Direct acquisition of Junzi Industry, improvement of corporate structure 1999 Korea Comprehensive Technology Finance Co., Ltd. acquired Improved corporate structure Investment and direct acquisition of Internet companies such as Auction and Job Korea 2001 Sale of Auction on E-Bay in the US (the first case of a domestic Internet company selling overseas) 2003 Development of new business areas and investment activities accelerated 2005 Sale of Job Korea to in the US and expansion of overseas network 2007 Expanded overseas direct investment in China/Vietnam and other places Sale of Korean cable TV station to CJ (130 billion) 2010 Sold nDoors to Nexon and Nextplay to NC soft 2010 Created CGI Korea 2011 Advisor for the sale of Plasmart to MKS industry in the United States 2013 The company name was changed to Hillstone Partners and acquired South Korea M&A Co., Ltd. 2017 South Korea M&A Co., Ltd. Strategic cooperation after separation


Accumulated M&A · Wales (Kospi) acquired KTB Networks · Wales (Kospi) acquired MSTechCo. · Hansol Group acquired Korea Miracle Co., Ltd; · Hansol Group acquired Oksori · Hansol Group acquired Hansol PNS Co., Ltd. (formerly Guanglim) · Hansol Group acquired Yongyoo Company · Shinwon Group acquired Guangming Electric Co., Ltd. · GeoPyung Group acquired Taepyeong-yang Fashion Co., Ltd. · Pohang Savings Bank acquired Yongdeok Savings Bank · Changning Savings Bank acquired Paradise Savings Bank · KCC acquired Jinyang MoonMak factory assets · Korea Tarpaulin Company acquired South Korean KDK Company · acquired the portal business department of Indison · Cexus Inc. acquired Enter One Co.(Kosdaq) · Merger of DaeKyung Env., DaeKyung Entech and DaeKyung Clico · Lone Ventures acquires C&L Venture Capital · Job Korea’s acquisition of OAB · Job South Korea acquired Humanpia Corporation · Merger of Wow Book Company and Gold Book Company · Saihan Information Technology Co., Ltd. acquired Dongseok Express Co., Ltd. · Hanbitnet acquired Jung&Lee Accounting Research Institute. · Ace High Tech acquires KBP Japan
Direct investment Wisdom (game); Chess (game); SOO education (online content); MiraeAsset VC's agricultural financing; Turtle Books (online content); China CNK (online catalog); acquisition of assets of scandal Korean cosmetics; Norwegian Songa shoes Foreign fundraising; Pan and Evans; mobile factory; Purple Jade