Hike Pad

HikePad is a launchpad platform created by Hillstone Finance. It is designed to help bootstrap new projects that will contribute to Hillstone’s crypto ecosystem, and enhance Hillstone’s tokenomics.

Expanding the Crypto Ecosystem

Recently, the crypto financial ecosystem is growing rapidly with excellent DeFi, NFT, and other utility projects. Hillstone Finance will coordinate with those projects as a member of the crypto ecosystem, endeavoring to vitalize the industry.

In addition, HikePad aims to help early projects successfully land in the crypto industry. Hillstone Finance is fully aware of the difficulties which startups experience in the early stages such as marketing, community buildup, and fundraising. We believe Hike Pad will address those difficulties.

Hike Pad will be the perfect platform for competitive crypto projects to grow and expand, eventually contributing to the development of the crypto industry.

The Structure of Hike Pad

Hike Pad is a crypto investment platform that allows users to invest in projects using ETH, USDT, and HSF. Our investment products include traditional funds and blockchain projects listed on our platforms Fundy and Hike Pad. Investors invest in equity using cryptocurrency, and will acquire investment returns at the end of the investment.

There are two types of investment in Hike Pad: HSF investment and USDT / ETH investment.

Users invest in products using HSF for HSF investment. Users will acquire the shares of projects that have invested in Hillstone. The value of HSF depends on the market price, and users will obtain investment returns in USDT at the end of the investment.

For USDT / ETH investment, users use either ETH or USDT to invest in products. In this case, users’ investment will be deposited in products as HSF, which means HSF will be the collateral for the investment. During the investment, users are free to withdraw their deposited HSF and give up their equities. Hike Pad minimizes investment risks by allowing investors to withdraw their investment.

Users can invest in IDO investment products using ETH or USDT. In this case, users’ investment could be collateralized in ETH, USDT, HSF, or the projects’ token. At the end of the investment, users can choose to receive the profit in either project tokens or HSF. If users choose project tokens, users can purchase the tokens at a lower price similar to the IDO platform; if users choose HSF, users will get an extra 5% of the investment returns in HSF.

Hike Pad also provides staking pools which generates returns for stakers.

Hike Pad's Contribution to the tokenomics of HSF

The Hike Pad is designed to advance the tokenomics of HSF.


For example, staking pools incentivize users to stake their HSF into the pool by providing interests. Therefore, staking pools reduce the circulating supply in the market and protect the value of HSF. The high interest rate also encourages users to purchase more HSF to participate in staking, increasing the value of HSF.

Value Protection

One of the most important roles of Hike Pad is incentivizing users to purchase HSF. HSF will be deposited in products when users invest with USDT. Moreover, investors may cash out HSF and give up their equities, while the abandoned equities will be acquired by Hike Pad. Those equities will be used to buy back circulating HSF. The continuous repurchase of HSF will protect the value of HSF.

Leading the Expansion of the Crypto Industry and a Portal of New Crypto Projects

The crypto industry has been growing at a rapid pace. HikePad will be a platform that can accelerate the pace by providing valuable resources and opportunities for projects. Hillstone Finance will leverage its resources to help early projects land in the crypto industry, and help them expand abroad through coordination.

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