User Scenario
Investors is a platform that uses virtual currencies to prove collateral rights. Users around the world will invest USDT to Investors and receive verified asset contracts (funds, real estate, stocks, etc.) and HSF tokens as collaterals. As users invest in projects listed on our platform, a POOL of USDT will be created. Once users invest in projects, they will receive the corresponding asset contract and HSF token as collaterals. Users can dispose HSF token any time before the project deadline. After the disposal, the rights to the asset contract will automatically expire. If users do not dispose HSF for a specific period, the contract will automatically settle the income generated by the asset to users in USDT. If only a portion of the HSF token is disposed, the settlement will be made except the disposed portion.
After some users dispose HSF, a ROOM will be created in the POOL. HSF token holders can use HSF tokens to secure a share in this ROOM. For example, there is a POOL that is worth $100,000. Users extract $10,000 amount of HSF, which is 10% of the total amount in the POOL. A room of $10,000 will be automatically created, and 10% of the POOL will be allocated to the room by the asset contract. There is no limit to the number of participants and the amount of HSF in this ROOM. The total amount of HSF tokens stored in this ROOM will determine the final income distribution.
When the POOL finalizes, revenues will be automatically distributed according to the asset contract. HSF tokens staked in the POOL will be collected by Investors. Users who staked HSF in this ROOM will get their income according to the ratio between the amount of HSF they have invested versus the total amount of HSF tokens stored in the ROOM.
Suppose there is a fund product "Alpha Project" with a target fundraising amount of $100,000, an expected return of 140%, a two-year project period, and a fundraising deadline Date-X. User A, B, C, D provide USDT to the POOL by the Date-X, and will be provided with an asset contract equity and HSF token corresponding to an individual’s USDT / the total amount of USDT in Alpha Project. Users can stake HSF tokens in the project till the end to secure property contract rights, or they can waive property contract rights by transferring HSF tokens to other wallets or exchanges. An HSF holder can freely participate in the room created by the disposal of HSF. There is no limit to the number of HSF tokens that can be staked in the room, and users will be given the right according to the ratio of HSF tokens that they stake in the room. According to the formula [the number of HSF tokens an individual has staked in the room / the total number of HSF tokens staked in the room] users earn the collateral interest rate and the revenue. If the size of the room for Alpha Project is 50% of the total fund size ($50,000 in this case), and user B steaks 100 HSF tokens while user C steaks 300 HSF tokens, user B owns 25% of the $50,000 room, user C owns 75% of the $50,000 room. For another example, If User D stakes one HSF token into an empty room (a case when no one else stakes any HSF in the room), User D gets the whole income generated by $50,000 POOL.
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