Fundy is a private investment platform that can be easily and conveniently used by both individuals and institutions. In Fundy, investors can invest in alternative assets such as private equities, hedge funds, real estate, etc. which retail investors could not access. With the enhanced accessibility, project parties can easily raise funds from investors.

Fundy is an investment platform developed by Hillstone Finance. Through Fundy, Hillstone Finance will allow individual investors to get access to various investment opportunities.

Alternative Asset Market

Alternative investment includes funds, trusts, direct investments, equity investments, loans and structured securities.

The alternative asset market is showing high growth as investors' interest in the alternative market increases. The introduction of the Capital Market Act diversified investment targets, and created companies specializing in alternative investments.

However, despite the growing attention towards alternative investment, there is not enough enhancement in terms of the provision of accurate information and accessibility towards alternative assets. This is because most alternative investment funds are set up privately, targeting institutional investors. In addition, most of the alternative investments are long-term investments, and the revenue structures are different depending on the investment target. Therefore it is difficult to compare the investment returns and there are limitations in accurate analysis of the alternative investment performance.


There are three main existing problems in the investment industry:

  • Lack of understandings on a product

  • Lack of professional knowledge in overseas products

  • Misinformation due to platform’s marketing duty

Investors, especially individual investors, have lost a tremendous amount of money because of these problems in the industry.

If these problems are not resolved, it would discourage individual investors from investing in alternative assets, and thus causing a negative effect on the market overall.


Fundy solves aforementioned problems with Global Product Selection Committee (GPSC). GPSC consists of financial experts from top institutions all over the world, and is responsible for product prospection and selection.


In Fundy, all products go through GPSC Process before being uploaded. Fundy platform homepage:

How GPSC Process works:

  1. Regional fund managers located all over the world explore early products using local networks

  2. Regional fund managers evaluate products based on Fundy’s evaluation standard

  3. After the regional evaluation, GPSC will conduct final product audit

Investors can access the product evaluation report created by Fundy to make investment decisions. Furthermore, real–time enquiry to fund managers is also available. To sum up the strengths of Fundy:

  1. Expertise on the investment product

  2. Expertise on the target region

  3. Objectivity on the product audit report

  4. Possession of a global financial network

Through GPSC, Fundy solves users’ lack of knowledge on overseas products, transparently discloses product information, and provides real-time consulting to prevent high investment risks. In addition, users are free from misinformation led by marketing since Fundy is not obliged to do any marketing for products.


In the traditional financial market, investors usually have to wait for a long investment period until they realize the income. However, in Fundy, investors will get HSF equivalent to their investment amount as the collateral which could be sold immediately to the crypto market. This mechanism has the benefit of reducing the investment risk.

In Fundy, investors can invest in various products using fiat money. After a product finishes fundraising, Fundy will distribute collaterals (HSF) from Hillstone’s Pool Reserve to investors’ wallets.

If a product terminates earlier than the expected date, investors must return all of their collateral to receive the income. For example, if an investor received 100 HSF, he / she must return 100 HSF in order to get the investment profit. If an investor fails to return the collateral or chooses to cancel his / her investment due to the delay in the investment period, the profit will be claimed and used by Fundy to buy back HSF in the market.

GPSC Members

Boram Kim

Investment Products Review Chairman

• Pacific Gate Capital Management CEO • Deutsche Bank, New York, Managing Director of Investment and Finance • McKinsey & Company, Hong Kong, Consultant for Asian financial institutions • London Business School MBA • Seoul National University majoring in Economics

Robin J Walia

FUDNY Product Reviewer for UK and Europe

• JCRP Europe CIO • Deutsche Bank, London Credit Derivatives Risk Management • Credit Suisse, London Credit Derivatives Risk Management • BNP Paribas Quant Trading Team • University of London • University of Warwick

Anirban Lahiri

FUNDY Product Reviewer for Southeast Asia and Singapore

• Investment financing for Vietnam VNDIRECT Securities and Malaysia CIMB Securities • Bank Invest Private Equity (Southern Asian Private Equity Investment) • New York UBS Securities Investment Bank Part • London Business School MBA • Columbia University, New York

Christopher Shen

Fundy Hong Kong and China Region / San Francisco VC Specialist Reviewer

• Tencent Holdings LQ Pacific Managing Director • West 22nd Capital Founding Partner, Hong Kong • Bridge Wood International • Global Public Offering Fund Partner • Baker McKinsey, Hong Kong • University of Texas at Austin

Jose Miguel Prieto

FUNDY Product Reviewer in South America

• ASR GROUP Director & Head of Corporate Development and M&A • Deutsche Bank New York • Aureos Capital Private Equity, Mexico / Costa Rica • Banco Popular Manager • Wharton school MBA • University of Pennsylvania

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