Rayol Hwang / Founder & CEO 2017 Hillstone Finance CEO 2016 Yozma Campus Korea Center Director 2014 Krazylab CEO 2005 Xpace CEO 2003 UMind CEO 2007 Seoul National University Humanities Dropout

Kimok Park / CHIEF STRATEGY OFFICER 2017 RealIR CEO 2014 Brighta Consulting Co-Founder 2013 Mplus Consulting Team Manager 2003 Graduated from Peking University, Major in Business Administration

Jehyung Lee / CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER 2018 ADEVT CEO 2018 SCV Soft CTO 2019 Graduated from Hanyang University , Major in Computer Engineering


Dukhyun Hong / PLANING TEAM DanKook University, Bachelor of Business

2016 ~ Art Store, CEO

2017 University of Portland Design Thinking Workshop Certificate

2018 ~ 2021 ADEVT, COO

2021 Hillstone Finance, Planning Team Leader

Changhae Jeon / DEVELOPMENT TEAM 2019 Vice President in CCSCOO 2017 CTO in ARTSTORE

Kihyun Lee / DESIGN TEAM 2019 Spectrum Audio Company, Designer

2020 Spectrum Systems, Design Advisory

2021 Art Store, UI/UX Designer

2021 Hillstone Finance, Designer

Kang Phil-won / MARKETING TEAM 2020 Dan Kook University, Bachelor of Engineering

2020 Art Store, Planning Team Leader

2021 Ministry of Science and ICT Certificate “GO BLOCK” youth program

2021 Blockchain Professional Education Certificate

Peter Ju / Manager 2014 Shanghai High School International Division

2021 The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Engineering

2021 Hillstone Finance PR Manager

Raymond Kim

2017 Babilun Institution, Dance Instructor

2020 Youtuber “Charming Jo”, Subscription Editor

2020 JMD Ventures, Operation Manager

2020 Dr. Martens AirWair Korea, Marketing and Sales

2021 Dr. Martens AirWair Korea, Sales Intern 2021 Hillstone Finance Marketing Manager

Ji-hye Shin

2012 Korea Women Art Competition Nomination

2014 Malla & Redkid Album ‘SeoulLife’ Album Cover Design

2019 Movie “K-school”, Fashion illustrator & Designer (release in 2022 October)

2022 Hillstone Finance, Illustrator

Yuzu Lim

2016 Suwon Information & Science High School, Industrial Design

2018 175185, Web Designer

2020 Creative Crew, Designer

2021 Duk Sung Women’s University, Visual Design

Hyojung Park

2021 SangMyung University, Bachelor of English Language & Translation

2021 SangMyung University, Bachelor of Financial Management

2021 Ministry of Science and ICT Certificate “GO BLOCK” youth program

2022 Web 3 NFT platform MintBox, Planning and Marketing Manager

Hyung Jun Ahn

2021 Gachon University, Bachelor of Computer Science

2021 Ministry of Science and ICT Certificate “GO BLOCK” youth program

2022 Hillstone Hub Research Manager

Ji-hye Park

2007 Peking University, Bachelor of Chinese Literature

2010 Korea International Trading Association, Marketing Intern

2018 Flow Factory, CEO

2019 Cellogin, Team Manager of Chinese Trading and Marketing

2019 Signed MOU between Peking University and Yonsei University

2022 Hillstone Hub, Director

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