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Hillstone Finance is a bridge connecting digital and traditional asset.

Hillstone Finance is a smart contract-based asset liquidity project launched by Hillstone a private equity firm with more than 20 years of history.

Most of large-scale financial products are traded privately. Individuals seldom have chances to experience lucrative products that professional investors share. Factors such as geographical constraints, legislative regulations, high minimum investment, slow asset liquidation, and information inequality all contribute to isolate retail investors from diverse investment opportunities.

Hillstone Finance solves above problems by utilizing blockchain into the financial industry. With the help of digital asset based on blockchain technology, Hillstone Finance facilitates asset liquidation and allows access to high profit funds that were not accessible for everyone. Everyone can now use Hillstone Finance Token, a.k.a HSF, to invest in various funds, and also get protected from investment loss. With HSF, investors can also realize instant liquidation of their asset.

This document explains everything you need to know about Hillstone Finance: its background, mission, tokenomics, asset liquidation process, platform manual, social media news, and press coverage.

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