Core Objective

Hillstone Finance shares the value of innovation with everyone. By utilizing Hillstone Finance token HSF, Hillstone eliminates misinformation, alleviates geographical and economic constraints, reduces minimum investment and intermediary costs in the traditional finance system. We offer an opportunity to invest in bonds, private equities, and alternative investment that were not accessible to retail investors.

Overcoming Geographical and Legal Constraints in Finance

First of all, Hillstone will look for measures to eliminate both geographic and legislative boundaries that discourages investment. People today find it difficult to transfer capitals internationally in the traditional finance market. Hillstone Finance aims to ease the cross-border transfer of capitals by leveraging blockchain within the current legal system.

Co-development with The Current Financial Market

Secondly, Hillstone will establish a financial network that connects investment companies. The network will provide due diligence report on corporations, which will improve accessibility to high-quality investment products and reduce risk caused by misinformation.

A Hub Connecting Traditional Finance and Decentralized Finance

Lastly, Hillstone will bridge the traditional and decentralized finance under the current regulations and laws. We want the government and institutions to have positive perspectives on decentralized finance. We also want to encourage them to establish legal and industrial foundation based on the time and examples Hillstone provides.

Establishment of a Transparent DAO

Hillstone will utilize HSF to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Decisions made by DAO members, and product sourcing process will be disclosed transparently.

The Pioneer of Finance in Metaverse

There are numerous financial products emerging in Metaverse. Hillstone Finance will serve as the financial institution in Metaverse, and provide valuable investment opportunities in the virtual world. Hillstone will try its best to prospect high-value assets in metaverse, and provide combined financial services of traditional finance and Metaverse finance as the leading figure.

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